Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Advanced solution for automating Asset checkout and check-in, Gate pass management, Fixed asset register, Asset tracking and Bar-code label generation


Asset Management – Fixed Asset Register

You can manage unlimited number of assets. You can record details of assets including images, related documents and bar-code. Asset Management system maintains a powerful data management for the Asset register. By using this software you can manage unlimited number of assets. You can record details of assets including images, related documents and bar-code.

Gate Pass Management System - Check-in and check-out of the asset 

Perfectly automates and controls the Asset movement inside and outside the organization. GPMS provides complete visibility of your asset movement 

BSCube Gate Pass Management System will give you complete trace-ability of asset movements going through and coming out of the organization. This software is fully automating the gate pass generation workflow. Any authorized user in the organization can raise a request for gate pass and it will pass through approval workflow and checkout.

Managers/Supervisors can either approve or reject the gate pass or can suggest a modification. Approved gate pass will be available to the Security person for Checkout. System is providing complete visibility of checkout, check-in, lost and damaged items.

Gate Pass system will give email notifications for every gate pass movements like create, Approve, Checkout, Check-in and due of check-in

Gate Pass Management System perfectly automates and controls various steps in the generation of gate pass. It also provides complete visibility based on the roles of the user

Barcode Generation

Asset manager will generate standard barcode for unique identification of your asset. This software can easily integrate with any leading bar-code label printers and scanners. You can generate highly customized bar-code labels and also add additional information to the label.


Dashboard and Reporting

Gate pass drill down reports will give you more discrete level of asset tracking. This software produces various reports and dashboard for providing crystal clear information about assets register, asset checkout and check-in, due for check-in and lost/damaged items details.


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